So I have amazing partners. Truly, truly beautiful, amazing people, people that humble me with their generosity, their love, their patience.  Their willingness to believe in me, just because they love me. To trust me when I say, “we can do this, we can make this work” even though sometimes I make it difficult.  To believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I don’t know how I came to be so blessed, but I have been, and I will accept it with grace and gratitude and joy, and hopefully, in some small way, I will be able to give some of that back, to them, to the world at large.

Ad wasn’t poly when we met. And since his first experience of it was with me and my ex, which ended with my ex and I splitting up, it could be said that his first experience wasn’t the best, either. But he loved me, and he trusted me, and he gave his love willingly, never holding anything back.  He may have the most open, loving heart of anyone I have ever met.  Here we are, five years on…and he is my rock, my shoulder to lean on, the one that holds me when I need holding.

W started out as a play partner, as someone to get my BDSM needs met with, and has become someone so much more than that.   Every time I fail at being “all that” with how I feel about my Others being with others, I have him to emulate–he is far better at this than I am – thank god!  He gives me something to strive for, but it’s a damn high bar and I fall short of it frequently.  But I’m working at it, honest!  And damn, every time I feel like I am falling down…he just says the right thing, and makes it all okay.

J is the girl I fell in love with accidentally. She is straight, so she was “safe”–haha–and then I just went and fell in love with her anyway. And, well, eventually, she fell in love with me back. And we see things so differently sometimes I think we both scratch our heads, but then we talk, and learn, and…I learn, so much about myself, about life and love in general. She has my back–she’s mama tiger and warm, loving sister and sweet, naughty lover all in one.

Those are my peeps, my lovers, my partners, my significant others. And damn but they ROCK MY WORLD.


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