Scheduling when you’re poly can be a challenge.  When you’re poly and have kids that you share custody of with your ex, it can get more challenging.  When you add in school (mine and my kids, Adam’s, and eventually the gf’s and her daughter’s, when that happens) as well as other activities, well it gets really challenging. I’ve taken to keeping everything on a one calendar, work and school and kids and dates and travel, but it is online and Ad is a little old school when it comes to calendaring, so he wants a paper calendar as well.  Okay, maybe he’s not old school, maybe he’s “visual.”

Anyway.  I was joking over on my other blog about making “excuses” not to go over to W’s this week while his friends are there, but it turns out to be a truth: I have kids all week.  Still, the trade-off is that I get the whole weekend child-free, time that I have scheduled to spend at W’s.  We’ve talked about finding time to spend an entire week together at some point, but have only managed the odd overnight or so.  So I am excited about getting to stay Friday afternoon thru Sunday with him. But the rest of the week I keep trying to schedule shit and finding that I’ve forgotten this or that.

For instance.  Tomorrow I have children. They want to go to see the Harry Potter movie. So I call Ad and ask him what time to buy tickets for. “I have to study for my test tomorrow, but we could catch the 8:30 movie.  Would that be too late?”

“Um, I have clinic,” he says.  Oh shite.

Then later: “I have my math test til 7pm Thursday.  Why don’t you and J (who is coming in to town for the weekend with Ad) meet me for dinner after?”

“I have clinic Wed and Thurs, Bec.” Duh. And of course that fucks up plans I had with J too (or that I was thinking she and Ad would have some time together that night while I was in class.) Bleh.

And the funny part of this is that because I never know what my schedule will hold, I have taken to keeping a packed bag in my trunk. In it I have:

  • 1 set of non-wrinkling work clothes
  • a packed bathroom bag
  • 1 set of running clothes
  • an extra pair of heels
  • running shoes
  • various underwear: sexy, thong & running
  • various sexy clothes to change in to at W’s, should I need to
  • various “emergency” medications (migraine, ibuprofen, cold medicine)
  • the ring bra, nipple collars and the new wrist cuffs W made for me

I need to add a pair of jeans and casual shirt, in case I am at W’s on a Wed or Thurs night.  And today I also have a golf ball in there.  Hah.


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