And exhaustion sets in…

I’m “back in the real world” after a weekend spent at W’s. W’s world is far different from this one, let me tell you!  I have various aches and pains, bruises and marks, and at the moment a sub-droppy head. But I am happy.

I’m now officially on Twitter, after having created my account weeks ago and lurked, afraid to “open my mouth” in that forum. I’ve only got a few followers, so it seemed silly to start talking all the time. And what would I say, anyway? It’s an odd little piece of technology that I am not sure I am entirely on board with yet. Plus I don’t really have the hang of using it in general, so I am afraid of like, sending out a private message and broadcasting it to the world.  And also, I only have about 12 ppl I follow, but I use Twitterfox for updates, and it is constantly popping up with messages! It could be (is) a huge time-sucker. I don’t know how ppl that follow hundreds of ppl do it.  How do they even FIND all those ppl to follow or to follow them? So…I’m ambiguous about it. (Edit: I realized I neglected to tell ya’ll that my name on Twitter is “piecesofjade”…might help if anyone is actually interested in following me, eh?) lol

The gf was down for the weekend as well, spending time with Ad, which was (hopefully) good for them both.  Due to family drama, she had to leave a little earlier than planned, and the last time I saw her (Saturday night after W and I got back from a party) she seemed very stressed about the situation, so it was hard to tell if the weekend was good for them or not, but Ad did say they enjoyed themselves. Since she left early and he didn’t go back to KC with her, I invited him over to W’s to hang out and have dinner, maybe play a little. I think I wanted to reconnect with him and W at the same time, in that particular way, so I was a little diasppointed that Ad was kind of out of it and left early without playing, but we had some good food and talk.  W did play with me after Ad left though, so I got my playslut on.  ;-)

I had an algebra test on Thursday and have no idea how I did.  I am irritated because I don’t think I did well. I was doing great going into the test until Wed night/Thurs morning when a unexpected health issue came up that threw me into an anxiety loop and after that math was the last thing on my mind. I just could not refocus, and am still feeling anxious and worried.

But all that may be compounded by the truly awful subdrop I am experiencing at the moment, which just totally blindsided me about 5 minutes ago.  Ugh.  Okay, I am out of here til I can regroup.


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