HNT – Toes

toes!These are my daughter’s and my newly painted toes just before our last Girl’s Week. Every summer since her father and I divorced she and I have made a special “girl’s only” trip, usually to the beach. It’s time I have come to treasure, and I frequently go back and look through the photos.

She and I have an amazing relationship, and the fact that she looks forward to our shared vacation-time, when it’s just the to of us, as much as I do, is testament to that.

This year, due to a variety of reasons, I wasn’t able to schedule our yearly escape. And next year she is off to college and, as is appropriate, will probably no longer want to go on vacations with her old mom.  So I will treasure these pics all the more.

Happy HNT!



4 Responses to HNT – Toes

  1. Vixen says:

    Awww….cute. :) I love to do that with my daughter too!

  2. sexie sadie says:

    This is really sweet! I love that y’all do that together. I have a very special bond as well. It’s such a treasure!


  3. Sage says:

    Which one went to market?

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