This is what it’s all about…

Friday evening I ran down to a local Mexican restaurant to meet W for a drink.  Literally ran the two-and-a-half miles down there, arrived dripping sweat and feeling like a million bucks–a million soggy bucks.  It didn’t occur to me that I would have to sit inside where there were other not-sweaty, not-smelly people in order to have my drink. (duh) But W didn’t seem to mind, so inside we went.

After much talk and a couple drinks, he (thankfully) drove me home. I invited him in-with the caveat that my kids were home. The thing is, they had known I was meeting him on my run, and I wasn’t ready to end our time together just because they were home: they know about him, the GirlChild has met him before, and the Boy has heard his name many times without having met him. It was time for the next step.

W and I have been together for 10 months or so and I hope that he is part of my life for a long time. There’s times when I can’t see the future without seeing him in it, in some capacity.  And yes, I know that could all change, but I live in the here-and-now, and I am not going to anticipate the future or try to see what it might hold. So…I want my kids to know him as just another part of my life. As someone that I care for, as part of who we are (Ad and I), as J is. I want them to accept my life as it is, as just another way to live, even to the point of, if things didn’t work out out with W, that they would know that as well. Because that’s part of life too.

And so he came in. I made us drinks and my son came up and introduced himself to W.  I think the Boy was glad to meet him, and I was quite proud of his behavior. At 13 my BoyChild exhibits incredible poise, self-confidence and good manners, and it made me feel good to have W see that in my child, like, see?  I done good.  I’m a good parent. (grin) After introductions, my kids went back to their regularly scheduled activities: no big deal. (shrug) W and I sat out on the back patio in the cooling summer evening and talked until late, when Ad got home from class. Ad went to bed after kissing me hello and chatting for a few minutes with us, and we continued to sit and talk…a thoroughly enjoyable evening. And at some point I realized I didn’t want W to go home, I wanted them both in my bed.

I went in and asked Ad if he minded if W stayed over and slept in the Big Bed with us. He said he didn’t…so I got to cuddle in between my guys all night.  Heaven! And it was sweet the next morning, walking him out to his car, knowing the old nosy neighbors were probably watching, as I kissed him goodbye.

And then I had things to do…I spent the morning shopping and hanging out with the GirlChild. We went and got our ears pierced (her second holes, my first hole re-pierced – for some reason, after 25 years, one of them decided to close up.) We had lunch at her workplace and saw her cousin, who is like a brother to her, there. He just turned eighteen – god I can’t believe I have a 17, 13 & 23 year old!  Just seeing my baby nephew, all grown up into this handsome young man made my heart do a flip-flop.  And then seeing the two of them talking and laughing together–wow. My sis and I make good babies. When I got back, I headed out to a friend’s place to swim and soak up the sun and flirt and maybe play.  We did all those things, and then W showed up and we got ready to leave, as we were all going to attend a local kink party together.

But W didn’t have his toy bag. Not a terribly big deal, he is resourceful. But on the way I called Ad and told him we’d be out at the party, and mentioned the no-toy-bag thing.  And he packed a bag of our toys and told me to stop by so he could give it to W! How fucking cool is that? My boyfriend packed a bag of toys for my Top to use on me.  He hands it through the window to W with a grin, getting as much pleasure from the idea as W later had in using the toys on me.

When we crawled into bed later that night, aftr an incredible scene, Ad laughed and asked W if he’d enjoyed the implements that he’d packed. The next morning, they went through the bag together and W showed all the evil he’d got up to in the marks on my body. It was a moment of pure bliss, sitting in bed drinking coffee with both my guys, listening to them talk about the woman they share. An absolutely perfect ending to a perfect weekend.


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