Just Life

I took the BoyChild to lunch today. While there we see an advertisement on the table for a “Moonlight Picnic” wherein you get a picnic basket loaded with snacks and a bottle of wine, and a paddle boat to cruise around the lake on after dark. “Sounds romantic, Mom. Or dangerous.  You should get Adam to take you. Or your other guy.”  Heh. Wonder which adjective he was assigning to which guy?

But seriously, I love it that my kids just accept the people in my life. “Your other guy.” Perfect.

More perfection in my day was watching people check out my shoes and legs in my totally kick-ass red heels today. If you haven’t got a chance to look over on piecesofjade, check them OUT.  I love love love my red shoes!

And the attention.

Of course.

I do have a lot going on in my life, but I usually don’t feel anxious about it like I did yesterday. I am feeling much more myself today. In the midst of it yesterday I got an (as usual) excellent email from W.  He always knows just what to say.

It’s possible it was extended subdrop…we played pretty intense this past weekend, and it’s been known to hit me this hard (and this many days after) before. So, I am allowing for that.  I’ve been treating myself gently, eating well, and doing some of the work/school things that have been preying on me. I wrote a couple emails and made some small decisions about my personal life.  And it’s all come into focus again; balance (or my off-kilter version of it) has returned.

Speaking of emails and such, I may have mentioned the “Professor,” a guy I met at a Subway a few weeks ago. We have been chatting via email, and actually ran into each other at the college accidentally the other day. Well, time came when he asked me out for a drink or coffee or something.  I wasn’t sure why he was asking, but I had a good idea. So, the question became, do I ‘fess up and tell all? Or do I just wait and see what happens, in case his interest is “just coffee”? I haven’t had a “blind” date, meaning met a man that didn’t know at least something about my proclivities before chatting me up, in…well, ever. Since I started acting on those “proclivities.” What to do, what to do?

So, I did what always do, took the honest route, even if it made me (and might make him) a little uncomfortable. Said, in part:

“Listen, this is a bit awkward, since I have no idea what your “intentions” are (good lord that sounds so Victorian & melodramatic) but I hate to waste anyone’s time, and I am a bit of an odd duck (or bumblebee, if you like.) But I am also very committed to being upfront & honest right from the get-go, so even if your interest is just coffee & a chat, you won’t be blindsided when I talk about my strange life. Or you’ll be able to say, “hey, thanks but no thanks,” and not expend any more time/energy!

Anyway. I am in an open relationship with my significant other of five years. We live together and date others, and in fact I have two other people, one woman, one man, that I have love-relationships with. My gf also dates my SO, and tho she lives 4 hrs away, she may be moving here soon. My OSO (other significant other) is in town, and that relationship is BDSM-based. I am bisexual, kinky, & polyamorous, though that is not the sum total of me.

Still interested? Let me know.  If not, I can dig that too–no hard feelings!”

And then I waited for his reply.

And waited.

And decided that I scared him off.

Until I opened my email this morning to find a note back, which said, in part, that he’s been trying to figure out how to take the plunge and tell me that he’s poly as well! Hahahaha.  How fucking funny is that?

As W says, “Let the games begin!”

And in other games, we are all (me, Ad, kids) heading to KC to spend the weekend with The Girlfriend and her daughter. Ad has rented a loft/suite for all of us and we are taking the kids to the new waterpark that just opened up there on Saturday for the BoyChild’s bday. Family time and snuggle time, yay! Then on the way back, we are stopping by the ‘rents house for cake & ice cream. I asked J if she wanted to come back with us Sunday night and meet my family. “It’s like HS all over again!” she said. “Having to meet the parents!”  lmao It is a bit at that.

And that’s “just life.”


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