“Ma’am, you got one ugly baby…”

Home from the wilds of Kansas. Tired, but satisfied–a good weekend with the kids, SO and gf and her daughter. Even had a nice visit on the way home at the ‘rents. My mom is befuddled as usual, but loveable in her befuddled way.

Here is a picture of the gigantic DOG that shared my little Saturn with the four of us there and back:

cooper kansasHe seemed to enjoy himself, though every time anyone touched him he would poof piles of nervous dog hair. Not so good for my allergies, but I was happy to take him with rather than leave him at the kennel, and very happy the hotel had that option.

I love this picture of him and the BoyChild sharing space in the back seat:

cooper paws

The hotel we stayed at was great, btw. We (the adults) had a separate bedroom, with a loft bdrm for the girls and a full-size pullout for the BoyChild. There was also a kitchen and a gas fireplace, if we’d been of a mind to cook or have a little firelit “romance.” We didn’t, though the three of us had some yummy sex the first night, in spite of me not having shaved my legs.

More than that, it was just nice to be a “family,” all of us, like that. I think about that a lot, what it might be like if she moves here.  Of course now with her ex being a putz, I have no idea if or when that will happen. It feels like everything is in limbo…I don’t even know if she will accept the job down here if they offer it to her, or if she’ll pull herself from consideration. She is hopefully going to get some legal advice tomorrow on it…but but but. I know this is nerve-wracking for her, but it is for me too. Ad just goes with the flow, and mostly I do too, except when it’s affecting her happiness and well-being. Then it affects mine, too.

I did get some bad news while I was there in the form of a rejection email on a story I had submitted for an erotic anthology. Sure, it happens, but it still hurts. As the subject line states, it feels like being told my baby’s ugly. The truth of the matter is that the editor may or may not think it’s a bad story. There are all kinds of reasons it doesn’t “fit their needs” at this time. They may need stories of a different length or tone, or my story might not be explicit or sexual enough. (shrug) J sure made me happy when she said to me, though, “He may not think your baby is ugly–maybe he just doesn’t have a bassinet for it.”  I LOVED that. And I still have another story out there being considered, as well as an invitation to try again for the anthology this story was rejected for. There are also several other calls for submissions that I could write for, if I put my mind to it.  So, back on that old horse, yanno?

Speaking of old horses, I am trying to get a handle on what my schedule will look like now that both Ad and I are done with classes. Or at least I am done until August 30th or so. It’s weird thinking in terms of him being home every night-and frankly, I don’t particularly like it. I don’t want to feel guilty about doing what I do on my weeknights. I’ve been free and able to make my own schedule, do what I like, for 18 months. I don’t want to come home and sit here again every night. But I also don’t know what my routine will look like. My class schedule sort of defined my nights for the past eight weeks, and naturally defined my running schedule as well. I need to find a routine again, or I’ll get bored and lazy. So I am pondering that.

This week my schedule is looking like this: J coming in to town Tues or Wed thru the weekend.

Tomorrow night: free

Tuesday night: dinner with kids before belly dancing with the GirlChild

Wed night: free

Thurs: coochie wax 6pm

Fri: off work at 11:30, massage at 1pm, then over to W’s for the night. Possibly doing something with W, Ad & J.

Saturday day/night to Sunday day: Chicago, meeting the new guy.

Sunday night: back at W’s, reconnecting and decompressing after my night away.

I have lots of “stuff” out there: a potential coffee/chat with the Professor;  my Spanking Buddy wanting to get together; the new guy from FL on the horizon (email only right now.) Plus a trip to Austin in September to plan. And, on top of all of that, the possibility of J moving here. But I can’t think about that now. Now I have to just put that aside and wait and see.  But if she doesn’t, then there is getting the house ready to rent out again.  Though now that Ad isn’t in class he should be able to handle that, right? Except that I wonder what exactly he’s going to do, now that he is certified. Get a job? Open his own place? Rent out a space and start to build a clientele? Apply to tropical resorts and move us there? ;-)  And most importantly to me at the moment: will I have to push and cajole him into making a decision?  Ha- I think I am just going to write my little stories, run my little runs, and live my life. He can run his own life for awhile. Maybe.


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