Wanton Woman

Many things are giving me joy today.

It started out not so good, and I called in to work feeling unwell.  But now I am feeling great–ah, the wonders of modern medicine!  After much bright orange pee, I am feeling On Top of the World, Ma! Enough to have harassed coaxed begged asked very sweetly for a spanking. And Baldy, my trusty Hitachi. And a pillow under my hips. And, a little softer, please? Yes, oh yeeeees, just like that…

I love it that I can ask Ad for an orgasm spanking like that. And he does it, just like that, like I want it. I don’t want to ask for it and get it and ask for it the way I want it all the time, but every so often? Oh yeah, it’s good.  Course he adds in his own wallops before and after just to remind me that while he may be doing it for me, the rest is for him.  Heh.

Other things that are making me happy:

Me: It’s a site called “Tiny URL” dot com. 

Him: “Tiny Earl? Like…a very small man named Earl? What would you want a whole website like that for?”

The GF and and Ad and I exchanging IM’s and texts about spankings. Like, she’s gonna get some when she gets here. And Ad saying we both deserve some, for being the little brats we are. And then I am of course thinking about the last time she was supposed to get spanked (I threatened to use Ad as my spanking implement) but instead we all three just ended up in a tangled, sexy, sweaty pile of orgasmic bliss, the spanking forgotten.

This morning, cooking eggs and toast for brekkie together.

Me: I want want want want!! 

Him: You wantin’ woman. (Wanton, get it?)

Talking to people on Twitter. And them talking back to me.  Me! Complete strangers talking to me!

Laying in bed with Ad all morning, into the afternoon.

These are the things that bring me joy.


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