I’m liking having to get up at 5:45 with the kids. While I don’t like being forced out of bed so early, I do like having the time to check email, follow-up on tweets from the night before and blog a bit before I have to get going for work. It also means I am not starting out the first hour at work going through email, etc. and instead jumping right in to what I need to be doing. Unfortunately this morning I woke at 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep til 4:30, so 5:45 came a little too soon for me.  Also, I had several things in my head to write about, but once I went back to sleep, they were gone.

I did find this article via a @violetblue (Tiny tweet regarding Twitter followers: Is Twitter Pimping Porn to Family Users? It talks about how offended the “elderly” and “mainstream” Twitter users are by “hookers” and such following them, because when they click through to look at their profile, they are (gasp) assaulted by tile pics of naked women, and that they are messaged by these followers about looking at porn sites, etc.  Apparently the thought is that Twitter needs to control porn spam more, to keep the Twitterverse safe for those offended by such things.

I just don’t get this. First of all, if I am not interested in someone’s profile or know them/know their blog, I don’t follow them back. If I don’t follow them, they can’t message me, right? So who cares if they are following me. I do suppose though, if you had 1oo’s of follow emails a day, it might get annoying. Secondly, those tile pics are tiny, itty-bitty, and, sheesh…they are only naked bodies! So what? Close the profile. Done.

I did have some bizarro right-wing Born-Again follow me. What was most bizarre was that ALL the profiles he followed were like the above: pics of hot, naked women. It kind of creeped me out. Here he was espousing family values and Christianity and all that on his profile, and yet he was following all the sex/kink folk. Can you say hypocrite?   So I blocked him.  Oh wait!  You mean that they little old lady or straight, upstanding family man that doesn’t want to be followed by porn spammers can block them? Huh. Seems easy enough to me. But what do I know.  No, seriously, I don’t know enough about Twitter to know how it might be an annoyance.

I do wonder how people who follow 1,000’s manage to do anything else with their day. Sometimes I wake up to 180-200 tweets waiting for me, and that is overwhelming! Besides which, 90% of them aren’t that interesting to me (which is why I try only to follow people whose blogs I follow or who I know in real life.) On the other hand, my blog reading has gone down since I started twittering, a development I don’t think is a good one. I enjoy reading people’s thoughts in more than 140 character soundbites.  Hmmm.


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