Lazy Saturday

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I have a Saturday morning with absolutely nothing to do and no one to do it with. What a strange luxury!

Ad is working, W opted not to come over last night, J is in her town, my kids are at their dad’s. I have made no plans, although I had considered it (and at one point had actually begun to make them and reconsidered.) Nowhere to be, no one to see. But of course I have lots I can do.

Read. I have a year’s best sci-fi/fantasy anthology I am slowly working my way through. And I need to go buy another copy of the novel I was reading but lost recently. Of course it has to be one that I was really enjoying and reading straight through, no side trips to any of the other 5 or 6 or 12 books piled behind my bed.

Run. Wanted to get 4 runs in this week. But it’s raining. (Oh lovely rain, to be at W’s laying in his bed listening to the rain…)

Math. I have my first exam on Wednesday. I don’t want to end up like I usually do, trying to memorize it all the night before.

Write. Another WotW piece for Eden Cafe.  And actually I have the beginnings of another piece as well that I need to float by CarrieAnn, see if she’d be interested in it.

Email. Replies to Aussie Guy and the Professor (strangely enough they are both college instructors, and Aussie Guy is much more professorial, so maybe I need to “re-moniker” them.) ;-)

Blog. I have had a couple APL-type posts going round my head but not had the opportunity to put them to paper (or computer) yet. And, the second half of my WI trip (first half here.) My Five Friday Follows for PoJ (I know, it’s Saturday, but I started them on Friday, gimme a break!)

Clean. Yeah, as in the house. Bleh.  I also still need to actually unpack from the WI trip.

Meanwhile, my pseudo-father-in-law is back after his summer at the cottage in MI. Which means no more walking around naked! (pout)


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