When One Things Becomes Another

Just finished making bacon and eggs and toast with Ad. I realized as I was cooking it that it was the last of the bacon that I had bought last time I stayed over at W’s and we came over to my house the next morning so I could make us breakfast. On the way home, we had to stop at the grocery to buy food. That was the first time we had ever shopped together! How funny that we hadn’t gone grocery shopping together in a whole year of knowing each other.

Ad and I were both reading during breakfast. I am reading the aforementioned year’s best anthology of fantasy and scifi stories, and ran across this line in a story called “The Art of Alchemy” by Ted Kosmatka: “The story of Veronica is also the story of boundaries. And that’s what I think about most when I think about her now. The exact line where one thing becomes another. The point where an edge becomes sharp enough to cut you.” Wow. Isn’t that what all good story-telling is aiming for? As storytellers we are aiming for that moment, and the after-effects of it, when “one thing becomes another.” Sometimes I think the things I write about here and on PoJ are those moments. That moment of transformation…transmutation…alchemy.

Ok, I am off to read a bit more, take a nap and get a little nookie. Probably not in that order. Looks like I opted for a lazy day.


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