The best way to alleviate anxiety of any sort is sort is the same as the best way to alleviate pain: if you’ve got a headache, stub your toe. Your headache won’t hurt so much anymore. So I did college algebra.

I have a test this evening; I do not feel prepared for it. Doing the worksheets he gave us in class was an exercise in frustration. He didn’t give us the answers and we have to turn them in before the test–without going over them. So I am doing a whole bunch of problems with no idea if I am doing them correctly.  I had birthday cake while I worked. It was enough to make me throw up. (The algebra was enough to make me throw up, not the cake. Okay, maybe the cake too-as I mentioned over in PoJ, my stomach is about as unsettled as it is possible for it to be.)

Still, for 90 minutes I didn’t think about my upcoming trip to Austin.  Success!  Of a sort.


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