It’s Thursday, I Think I’m Sick

I read somewhere that employees most often call in sick on Mondays, followed closely by Fridays. Germs are just considerate that way, I guess. If an employer were to look at my call-in-sick history, however, they’d no doubt see that the day I call in sick the most is Thursday.

Why Thursday, you ask? It’s simple: Ad has Thursdays off. I can’t tell you how hard it is to get out of bed with him laying there all warm and snugly. Or to walk out that door when he’s standing there in his robe, kissing me goodbye. “I think I am going to have a fever later!” is a common refrain. “Get out,” he replies. He has no sympathy at all for my impending illnesses.

This morning was no exception. Compounded by the fact that he had a delicious, long, pulsing, moaning, sighing orgasm this morning (good lord is there anything sweeter than the sound and feel of your lover’s orgasm?) and I didn’t.  Seriously, not a complaint, as he gave me an orgasm last night that he had to actually cover my mouth for, for fear of waking the pseudo-father-in-law in the bedroom above us. It’s weird having the PFiL back from MI…he’s a great housemate, but I am aware of his presence. Anyway, I was perfectly happy to please my guy this AM without any release for myself, until we got to the part where I had to put my clothes on and go out the door.  Then I was like, “Wait! I missed out, and you’re here–gimmee!” Ha-Ad was having none of it. Guess I gotta cool my jets til tonight.

Speaking of tonight! Ad and my lovely children are making me dinner and a bday cake. Last night I got to have a drink and some chat with my guys for my bday, which was lovely, because all I had expected was work/study/school. But they are troopers and agreed to come out and meet me for a drink after I got out of school. I can’t believe that it was a little over a year ago that W met Ad there, at the place we went to last night, for the first time.  What an amazing year it’s been. My relationship with Ad has been characterized by an ease that I never thought I would find in any other relationship.  And then along came W, and it all just worked again. I know that relationships are “work”…but with them, it doesn’t feel like it. This year has been one of the best of my life, and it’s largely due to having the two of them in it.  Throw in writing, a great job, financial security, kids that are thriving and happy, a relationship with my ex that has finally settled into easy co-parenting, a gf that I never expected, various and sundry opportunities for all kinds of play and devilry, and, wow. Recipe for joy. :-)

Speaking of joy, I never mentioned that I passed my first college algebra test. I don’t know if I blogged about the test itself, but I came out of it convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I had failed the test. I left in tears, which I had a hard time concealing when one of my classmates followed after me. We struck up a conversation, and now he and I and another woman in the class are study-buddies. And the coolest part? I got an 80 on the test! I was absolutely stunned. And my two study-partners? They got a 90 & a 96!!! So quite by accident, I fell in with the smart kids (the class average was 50.) Go me!  I hope some of their smartness rubs off on me.


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