Things I Learned

  1. Fire cupping is not scary.
  2. Neither is Ad. But he makes me laugh, likes to pull my hair and delivers a yummy spanking, whether he is using his hand or wielding some other implement.
  3. A willow bundle feels totally different than a birch bundle. I like them both.
  4. I still don’t like the smell, sound or sight of the fire for fire cupping, but it’s nothing like the “real” fire of fire flogging, and the cups are warm and almost comforting as they seal to my skin. The feel of suction is also pleasurable.
  5. I really liked the feel of W pinning me against him while Ad applied the cups to my breasts. I liked the feel of being manhandled, arms pinned behind my back, restrained bodily by one man so that another can do things to me. It conjured up all kinds of rape-fantasy type scenarios in my mind, which has not previously been something I thought would be a turn-on, but now…hmm.  Who knew? Very hot. (And just now reminds me of a “gangbang” post on Bondage Radio that I recently sent W…I realize now that it wasn’t only the “size” idea, the idea of being stretched, as originally thought, but the image of those men holding her down while the others had their way with her that was a turn-on.) Very interesting…
  6. I am a whiskey drinker.  Apparently the “CC” of my new favorite drink, “CC & 7” is actually Canadian Club, which is actually a whiskey! I had no idea till I went to buy a bottle yesterday and didn’t know what area of the liquor aisle to find it in.
  7. Dogs understand human gestures, such as pointing, better than chimpanzees do.
  8. And last but not least, I just learned in a text that when Ad told me, before he left for work this morning, that he was going to “stretch me out” and then we’d go to dinner tonight, he didn’t mean doing a stretching massage.  He meant he was going to use my new toy on me.  Whee!

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