Times, they are a changin’…


Ad has an appointment today with his boss’s brother, who owns a couple different businesses and has recently patented a new device to be used by law enforcement agencies. He contacted Ad’s boss to see if he would mind if he hired Ad away from him for this new business. It could mean a really good opportunity for Ad (and anything is better than the car wash) although I wonder how that fits in with massage, since he would be traveling quite a bit (the company is based here but the clients are law enforcement agencies throughout the country.) Also, he’s not so good at multi-tasking, so I know for sure that if he takes this job that he would be wholly focused on it and not working out what he will do with his massage certification.  But, since he hasn’t seemed to be moving forward on that anyway, I guess the point is moot at present. Regardless, this would certainly mean big changes for him, and probably both of us, as his schedule would be quite a bit different and…it would be good for his head, his heart and his self-esteem. Working the car wash about kills him.  Just knowing that this guy specifically wants to hire him was a huge boost to him already.

In my own work environment, things are changing as well. One of our Senior Team resigned this week–effective tomorrow. Short notice, that maybe speaks to a bit of turmoil going on that I have been peripherally aware of, but not on the inside of. It’s sad because it’s someone I like, but good that it’s not my own boss.  Unfortunately, my boss has been named interim SVP over the now-SVP-less department, which is surely going to be very stressful for her. Seeing as how her pregnancy has already caused her to be…even more stressed & irritable, this can only exacerbate the situation.  So, while it doesn’t affect my job directly, there is the possibility of some definite repercussions for me.  I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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