Okay, NOW I’m getting excited…

I’ve been…a little reserved about Ad’s & my upcoming adventure at Kinky Kollege this coming weekend. He and I have never been to a big event alone, and…due to other oddities about the situation, I have had some pre-event concerns. So I have been looking forward to it all, but haven’t really got my “woo-hoo OMG I’m going to a major kink event!” freak on.

Until this morning.

One thing is that Ad is so reserved sometimes, I don’t really know if he’s actually excited about anything, but this morning he told me he slept lousy, waking several times, tossing and turning.  That is NOT the Ad I know.  My Bear sleeps like, well, like a hibernating bear.  And then he shocks me even more–he didn’t sleep well because he’s excited about our trip!  How cool is that?  I just get all fuzzy warm thinking about it.

So we got packed last night. I swear to god it looks like we are MOVING to Chicago. But I have to have like three clothing changes per day, plus “vanilla” clothes (warm–it’s supposed to be 40 degrees and rainy all weekend) in case we decide to go out anywhere (mmm there’s a Giordanos right down the street), plus well, a whole BAG of slut shoes, and of course there’s the toy bag and Ad (for once) has more than his standard one-shirt-per-day, one-pair-of-jeans-for-the-whole-weekend.  In fact I took him shopping and made him buy a couple new things just for this trip. I want my man looking hawt, doncha know.

So yeah, I am finally, really excited!!


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