Mundane Things

Note to self: trail running is fun in the fall, but dangerous. All those pretty leaves cover up rocks, roots and holes in the trail. Still, it was beautiful out there today and yesterday.

It’s amazing how much difference one day can make in the fall colors, though. Yesterday the trail was covered ankle deep in gold, red, yellow and brown leaves.  As though the trees had given a giant, collective shudder and dropped all their leaves at once. It was like running in a leafy jewel-toned river.  Today the leaves were a uniform muddy brown, smashed down into the dirt and mud of the trail.  I was so glad I made it out yesterday! One day of laziness and I would have missed how beautiful it was.

I had a very uneventful, but productive, weekend.  Spent time with my daughter, ran, did math, baked cupcakes, grocery shopped, cleaned house and did laundry. Wrote quite a bit, caught up on blogs and took a nice long nap, worked on some stuff for Bondage Demons and an article for Eden Cafe. Saturday afternoon/evening I had a friend over and we had a long, lovely visit while she helped sew/repair a skirt I want to wear at Spanksgiving in a couple weeks.  I actually feel really good for having spent the time at home and on these mundane tasks. Organizing my life and exercising a little self-discipline always elevates my mood.

I am ready for some play time now though.  As I was doing my laundry and getting my clothes ready for the week ahead, I started thinking about what I am going to wear and bring to W’s on Tuesday.  I am staying over there Tuesday night because my office is closed Wednesday, and then Wed night because I will have taken my test that night and I will be FREE of homework and test anxiety.  What that means is that I have to plan ahead, bringing work clothes and school clothes, plus something that Ad will like on Thursday night when I take him out for his birthday. But of course all the thinking about clothes got me to thinking about the things W might do to me, in and out of those clothes, and I started thinking about what he’d like me to wear, what I’d like him to see me in, and then, too, what I might wear to Spanksgiving.  And of course I started getting all squishy and excited, for this week at W’s and for the coming weekend together at Spanks!  I love this part, the planning part: it’s like days-long foreplay in my head.

And along those lines, I just got an email confirming I’ll be demo-bottoming at Spanks again. I am excited/nervous.  And I hope the class isn’t at 9AM.  Though since I made reservations at the hotel, I think even that would be fine.  I just may have to beg to get W to accompany me.


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