I’m getting a whole lot of nothing done today.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a Saturday, but seriously, I have a mountain of writing to do, a list of chores a mile long, errands to run, grocery shopping to do and math homework.  None of which I have accomplished, nor, really, am I especially interested in accomplishing.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Or rather, I do, but I don’t feel like poking around that particular emotional minefield just yet. So I’ll stick to inconsequentialities (my spell check says that isn’t a word, but I hereby decree that it IS.)

Actually, I just took a break from “not doing anything” and took care of one writing project (okay, so it was one line that needed to be added, but still–it’s DONE!) and to organize my photos folders. That is a huge accomplishment. W and I have begun saving all his picture files of me to flashdrives so I can have them on my computer too…and, well, there’s a BUNCH. Having a “top down” organizational structure going in is very important.  Which I didn’t, for the first 2,000 or so pics he gave me, so I ended up with a hot mess of unorganized pics all in one folder called “From W.”   Not so easy to find something there. Now they are all neatly sorted into folders with names that mean something (like, “Chained,” “Hogtied,” “Cunt Clamp,” etc.) not just meaningless numbers.  I feel better.

And horny.  There’s some hot pictures in there, and I can’t help but remember everything we did while taking the pictures.  Looks like I’m off to, um, take a nap.  Yeah. That’s it.


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