Looking Up

My day is getting mildly better. Have a “math & dinner” date with Ad before class tonight, and that has lifted my spirits immensely. I was feeling so out of sorts I was just going to say “fuck it” to the free points I could get by doing a couple extra problems and drown my sorrows in a bowl of broccoli cheese soup, but I texted Ad to see if he’d join me (thus forcing me to do the math and go to the class) before I could talk myself out of it.  I feel better knowing I am not screwing myself.

Plus I’ve been reading a new blog that I really like, and doing a minor bit of tweeting with people that make me laugh and/or happy, and I feel proud of myself for not acting out (read: posting about and/or actually talking about) some out-of-proportion/irrational nasty feelings I was having, recognizing that I may be PMSing and so am not the best judge of what are legitimate feelings and what are not.  First clue: EVERYONE has said/done something to either piss me off/make me cry today. So yeah, good day not to make any big changes/decisions.

I did have some random funny quotes from this weekend to share:

“I’m just gonna have to kill that woman.  And her spawn, too.” (Ad & the Girlchild played a video gamer all weekend. It was adorable to watch/listen to, as evidenced by the next quote.)

“Oh, look, Ad, we have the Flaming Chalice of Infertility! Hooray!”

From the GirlChild, after I told Coop to keep his peepee inside where it belonged (he lets it hang out when he’s nervous):  “Cooper can’t keep it in because he doesn’t have thumbs, Mom.” (Ad and I both shared a “What??” look. She rolled her eyes. “Anytime a dog can’t do something it’s cuz he doesn’t have thumbs!”)

The BoyChild, when I queried him about what he was doing this weekend at his friend’s overnight party: “All we do at our parties is eat pizza and then go down in the basement and do stupid stuff till like 5:30 am.” (Sounds like our parties.  Hmmm, should I be worried?)

“C’mon, Ad, we have to go walk Mom.” (I was getting a little whiney b/c I wanted them to go to the trail with me.)

And my daughter again: “How mad do you think Dad will be if I color my hair blue?”


One Response to Looking Up

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m glad your day got better :)


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