Back to School

So I spent my lunch “hour” at the community college today, talking to a transfer coordinator for the local university and trying to get straight what I need to do to actually graduate (that’s right–graduate) from the community college with my Associates in General Studies (the generic “transfer” program.) Ran into several glitches in my quest to actually be a two-year college graduate (god that’s sad at 44, ain’t it?) but found out some good news in the transferring to a 4-year school department.

Bad news first: Apparently I didn’t get my transcripts sent in to this school from the other two schools I have attended, so all my bazillions of miscellaneous credits haven’t been evaluated for transferability.  Apparently my understanding that I only needed this last (f-ing) math class for graduation was based on an evaluation made at the last community college I attended, not here, so…that may be an issue, if they don’t all transfer or if they have some miscellaneous requirements I am not aware of. One of those that I discovered is that I can only transfer in 49 credits towards the 60-some-odd that I actually need–the last 16 must be taken at this school. That may actually be an issue, as I think I’ve only taken a class or two here. So I may be taking another class or two at the community college.  I won’t know until I get my transcripts sent & evaluated though, and that could take weeks. (sigh)

Good news: Once I do get that AA, it transfers as a block to the university, meaning ALL my credits transfer and all my general studies credit requirements are satisfied, so all I have to do is start in on my upper level courses.  AND I found out some cool stuff about the two fields I am considering majoring in.  So that’s all good. I just gotta get my ducks in a row now, as Ad says, and figure out the whole graduation/transfer thing. Which means though that I don’t know if I’ll be taking classes this spring or not.

It’s funny, I am nervous about making this commitment. I’ve seriously got well over a hundred credit hours, but have never been able to make the commitment to go to a 4-year school, mainly because then, dammit, I have to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  And I never could decide.  So the other day I was walking with the GirlChild and we are talking about the world ending in 2012, or maybe 2060, and she says, “I hope it ends sooner, because then I won’t have to make a choice on a career.”  I was just blown away, and filled with compassion for her.  I felt EXACTLY that way when I was her age. We had a good talk about that though, and how it doesn’t have to be a lifelong choice set in stone (look at how many ppl change careers/majors, etc.) and then about the fact that we’ll be in school at the same time…and she loved that, even the possibility that we’d be at the same school (a likely possibility now that I might have to take a couple more classes here at Forest Park, where she’ll be attending.)  How lucky am I that my teenage daughter WANTS to go to school with me?

So…it’s a start. I’ve got the forms to send in for my transcripts and will be doing that tomorrow.  Then it’s the waiting game, and then we’ll see.  I’m kind of excited.


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