Crabbypants Girl

I started out this morning something of a crabbypants. Lunch with my girls–the GirlChild and her BFF, my honorary second daughter–helped alleviate it.  As we got ready to leave the Missy hugged me, then her BFF did.  Said BFF: “You’re the best honorary mommy ever!”  Made my lil heart swell.

Last night, as intimated in my earlier post, I had a DATE. It was a second date with a sexy new guy that I met through OKC. This is me at the house (our city house, the one soon-to-be dubbed “Jade’s Lovenest”, or perhaps “Jade’s House of Seduction”) awaiting the arrival of said DATE:

If you look closely you can see the wine glasses next to me on the floor. And those are my bare legs, bare because I had taken my tights off before the date because (ahem) slut that I am, I worried that tights would be difficult to get out of.  And I had a feeling I’d want to get out of them.

I was right.

We were on a tight timeline, because I had a wax appointment to go to afterward.  I was…a little concerned about having my waxing girl “all up” in my girlie-area after, umm, well, having such recent activity down there, but then I thought about what a kick W would get out of knowing of my embarrassed-ness about it, and it made me all hot and bothered, so then I was worried that WaxGirl was going to see that I was excited and get jeeved out..!  She didn’t (either didn’t notice or didn’t care.)  Oh my God that made for a fun evening though.

Not to mention that I arrived at my appointment sans tights AND bra, because I was running behind when I left the house and just didn’t have the time to put it back on. And then, loving the feel of my just-waxed cooch, I left the appointment sans tights, bra AND panties!  I found them all in my purse this morning when I went to get my keys out to start my car.

So that was my night.  I have no idea where the crabby girl came from today, but I hope she is gone for good. At least for the weekend. I have a (hopefully) fun weekend ahead of me, and being crabbilicious is not going to work!


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