A New Day

The truism is that we can never go back, only forward. And so, I go forward.

Today is a good day. It’s not the way my other Thanksgivings have been, but then, okay.  Maybe that’s all right too.

My children, though far from me, are all safe, seemingly happy, and well-adjusted.  My parents are spending the day with my sister. My sister seems to be weathering her recent marital travails well and her marriage seems, if not happy, at least calm. J seems happy in her new relationship with T & p and is spending the holiday with family. W is with his family in NY.  New friends and old have texted, emailed and Twittered to say hello and to wish me well on this first, strange Thanksgiving of the breaking of my old tradition.  And Ad woke me with warm, loving hands and soft words of encouragement.

Things change…and that’s okay.  All is well.

In a couple hours we will be heading out.  He’s gassing up the car and checking the fluids and air now, as well as getting us coffee, so I can catch up here and in email before we go.  Internet and cell use may be spotty at the cabin (actually there’s no WiFi at all, so if I want to connect with the outside world we’ll need to actually make the effort to go in to a Bread Co. to get on.  I may not.) I have plenty of writing, crochet & math projects and homework to keep me busy.  Oh, and a party invitation to design!  And Scrabble to play.  And maybe some sex to have. And a hike or two to take.  And a new book and an old one to read.  I think (maybe) I won’t be bored.  ;-)

And with that, I am off to pack and get myself ready to head out!




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