From Hot Springs

We’re sitting in a place called “San Francisco Bread Company” located in, of all places, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Unlike the St. Louis Bread Company, they actually serve alcoholic beverages here, and so I am having a glass of wine and relaxing a bit (okay, okay, I am getting my internet fix, I wasn’t quite able to go four whole days with no ‘Net.)

We’ve been having a wonderful time here: just what the doctor ordered. Feeling in a good place on all kinds of counts.  The place we’re staying is this wonderful little cabin in a valley just outside HS proper. It has a fireplace and a corner jacuzzi tub, both of which we have been making much use of. It also has a tree in the center of the room, at the end of the bed. Ad’s eyes lit up when he saw it. “Oh yeah, we do have to go to the store,” he said. “I guess I need rope after all.”  Too funny–and lots of fun so far!

I’ve been working on a bit of math, a bit of writing and a bit of crocheting, but mostly have just been enjoying the time with Ad, playing Scrabble, drinking wine, relaxing, snuggling, talking.  I’ve also been learning some new tricks in Photoshop, one of which is my new PoJ icon in the sidebar. I’m pretty proud of it (and I think W will be too, since he’s the one that suggested it.)  I’m using my new-found skills in creating an invitation to the party we are planning for January as well.  We are calling it “AfterMath.” After-MATH, after my class is over.  Get it? Anyway.

We seem to have a bible kink. Wherever we go, we end up stacking our toys and such on and around the bible.

At Kinky Kollege (and yes, that is a sleeve of golf balls)

Arkansas- no golf balls this time, but my fave butt plug...)

I know, we’re sick.  However, this time we seemed even more bent on being blasphemes, but I’ll share that with ya’ll over in Pieces of Jade when I get back.

So my biggest news on this trip is that I actually WON a game against Ad. It has been a sad (sad!) truth that I cannot seem to beat Ad in any game we play while we are on vacation.

Last vacation, he won every single game of Scrabble and Cribbage.  Here’s me being a good sport late one night on our last vacation:

Here’s me being a good sport when I won our first game this time.  Oh wait, this is a pic of me in a post-orgasmic haze.

Prior to that he was being a good sport (a much better sport than I am, obviously) and treating the Queen—er, winner—as she should be treated, giving me a rocking orgasm.  He’s been a little Toppy since we got here, though, and when I said, “Okay, for my winnings I am going to give myself an orgasm,” and headed toward the side of the bed where Baldy (my trusty and beloved Hitachi) was hanging out, he followed me and pushed me down the bed.

“You can have one, but it’ll be MY way,” he said, and lifted my legs up, holding my ankles in one hand. Then he used Baldy on me till I begged him to stop and he was laughing and so was I.  I love how much better at being a good sport he is than I am.

And now he is saying he has had enough of this lovely establishment and wants to take me back to the cabin and do bad good things to me (because I deserve it of course!) so I better get going….


One Response to From Hot Springs

  1. hubman38 says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re having such a good time!

    Veronica and I also end up keeping supplies in the Bible drawer when we travel…

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