Back Home

We have arrived home, safe and sound. It was quite an enjoyable trip, with just the right mixture of relaxation, love, sex and play. We took lots of fun pics, so I thought I’d share.

We stopped somewhere just over the Arkansas border to get gas.  Two things I saw there that made me laugh.  The first was that they sell a magazine called Just Busted! with the tag line, “Look who’s in jail!”  It had pages of mugshots of local (Memphis) folks that had recently gotten arrested. That’s it. Seriously! They were selling it for a dollar.

Second was this yard sign:

I didn’t know Jesus is on Twitter, but I’ll be sure to look for him next time I get on.

The place we stayed was fantastic. And apparently it was decorated just for us.

A place for Ad to hang his canes...

Or a place to hang a girl.

There were toys for us to play with already in the room.

With small & large sizes just for me.

Of course I had homework to do, when I wasn’t hanging around on the Tree.

But there were rewards for a studious girl.

Every morning we played Scrabble.

Aren't his bare feet adorable?

This is what Ad looks like when he’s trying to beat me.  Um, at Scrabble.

And this is what he looks like after he does beat me. At Scrabble–ignore those ropes!

We even got outside once or twice, if only to check out the local “girl storage” for W.

I think they were expecting W to be here...

And every night, I was forced to bathe in the giant jacuzzi tub.  I am apparently a very dirty girl.

Lucky Jade

And a very lucky one!


2 Responses to Back Home

  1. 13messages says:

    Beautiful and, of course, sexy pics. There’s something about the last one that looks like your feet are coming out of the frame. Very cool.

  2. MJ says:

    Very kewl – glad you guys had a great time….weg

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