Bits & Pieces

I placed an order for snow.
It was never delivered.
I’d like to speak to the entity in charge of order fulfillment, please? I need to make a complaint.

We did get a couple flurries. Literally: a couple.  Like two. Then it just went back to being cold and wet. Today is sunny and pretending it never thought about snowing. I guess my delivery will be late. :-(  W said maybe it will decide to snow us in when my upcoming 4-or-5 days at his house are up , then we’ll be snowbound for like three weeks, until his evil friend shows up to stick me with needles.  “You’d be pretty sore by then,” he said.  I shivered, and snuggled down deeper into the blankets and closer to him. Yummm.

I’m a little sore this morning.  I worked out yesterday morning for the first time in awhile, and did arm weights, kind of trying to see if I have moved beyond the weird arm thing of awhile ago.  I have sore muscles, but I think they are just normal sore muscles, not the weird fucked-up sore-arm thing. So that’s good.

Also some of my soreness might be from some rope bondage we did last night. I feel like it’s been awhile we since we’ve played like that at home (W’s.)  It was fun, and turned into a bit of fear play, not just stressful bondage, as the ropes threatened to pull my feet out from under me. W seemed inordinately pleased with that (as in he had the sly-est cat-ate-the-canary grin on his face when I told him how he’d scared me.)  Made me all squishy/happy.

I have a girl-date tonight with p. Looking forward to having a drink and some supper with her, then to some nakkie hot-tubbing.  Again, my ideal world would have it snowing on us in the hot tub, but it is apparently not meant to be. Oh well, some girl-time, some talk-time (and maybe some wet slippery cuddles, if her daughter isn’t around!) will do us good. I’ve been friends/lovers/playmates–and was at one time collared to–her and her husband/Master for a long time.  Our relationships has ebbed, flowed and changed over time, had its challenges, joys and ups & downs, but I like to think the friendship will always be there.

Ad’s been working on a possible new play partner as well. I don’t want to put the jinx on anything, so I won’t spill it yet, but it looks like they are both inching towards…something. Baby steps. It’s delightful to see him so (unusually) proactive!  Though I knew all along he had a “thing” for her, I was delighted & surprised when he jumped at the (my) suggestion that he consider pursuing something with her.  As I may have mentioned before, getting him to stick his toes in the dating pool has always been a bit of a challenge. But then, this girl is exactly Ad’s “type,” which may have a lot to do with his willingness to pursue things a little more eagerly than he has in the past.  I am hoping they (and possibly W & I) will be able to get together this weekend, either Saturday or Friday night. My kid schedule is messing with my available free time, though, so it may be that she and he go out. We’ll see.

Ok, my little taste of play with W last night has me seriously jonesing for more. Just sayin’.

In the “odd bits and pieces” section, my son was supposed to be going to a movie tomorrow night with a girl he asked out. He’s 14, it was to be his first official “date.” She told him Monday that she couldn’t go because she is dating someone else–another girl. (At 14! I don’t think I even knew about that when I was 14, but then again I was pretty slow in that realm {but damn I caught on fast once I did!})  Anyway, the girl she is dating is the other girl in his class that he has a crush on!  I feel for the kid. So his sister was a little big-sisterly and was all miffed that some girl chose someone else over her brother, and she was like, “You need to ask some other girl out!” (As a side note, Ad’s response was, “You should tell him to take them BOTH out to the movie!” lol) Anyway, my son’s response? “I want to, but what if she turns out to be a lesbian too?”  LMAO Poor kids these days, they gotta compete with twice the people now, not just one sex.

And that, my friends, is it for now.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Have a great time on your girl date!


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