Update in Pseudo-Bulletpoints

I was over on 13 Messages recently, and he had a bulleted post on which Dharma commented, “I love bullets. Sometimes there is no cohesiveness to the things we need to dump from our brains, and bullets are just right for the task.” (As an aside, she has an excellent post about young people and them being open about their sexuality. Especially as that topic has come up here in the recent past.)  Anyway, since this is such a hodgepodge of topics/thoughts, I’d thought I’d copy him. Just cuz he’s so cute–er, smart.  Yeah, that’s it. ;-) Well, except that I can’t get the damn HTML in WP to work the way I want, so they are pseudo-bulletpoints. Oh well.

Dates – So, I bet you all are wondering, “How’d Ad’s dates go?  Did they happen, did they go well, did he get laid??  And why hasn’t Jade said anything about it?”  The short answers are fine; yes, yes, and no; because I have been so swamped with studying for the end of my math class that I haven’t had the time to write. I’ve wanted to write, about that and my weekend and other miscellaney, as well as finish a couple articles and blog posts for PoJ and such, but…damn, I’ve been busy – even when it seemed to be a “quiet” weekend.

So yes, Ad had his “dates.” Number 2 was the only actual date date. As I have explained to W, DragonGirl is an   ex-gf of us both.  They have remained closer friends than she and I (which is fine by me) but aren’t really lovers anymore (as far as I know.) Or maybe not “currently” lovers? (Back to that ebb and flow of relationship.) In any case, they had a nice time shopping and lunching, but it wasn’t a romantic date as such. Just friends hanging out. Then Ad came home and got ready for his date for that night.

Hmm…where was I during all this? That was…Saturday day…oh yeah. Shopping with the kiddoes. Then home that night to hang out with them.  And I loved having that time with just them.   Here’s the thing. With Ad’s new job, his new hours have kind of messed with my normal routine. In that normal routine, I had a full morning/afternoon (Saturdays) of “me” time, time that I got to either be alone, schedule something with W or a friend, or hang with the munchkins. Now…that’s gone.  I love waking up with him, but…I sorely miss that “me” time in my week.  (Aha, perhaps that is why planning for “my” space at the other house is suddenly so important.)  So it was lovely having that. Ad gets his own time when I go over to W’s…maybe I will get my own time again if he starts to date this new girl.

Ok, so about that. They had a real, honest-to-goodness date, like the kind you have when you’re, you know, dating. Not like my dates.  lol It was sweet to hear about. And, I guess they’ll be doing it again sometime.  But that’s all I really know. They went out, they talked about normal “getting to know you” stuff, they had dinner, they said “let’s do it again.” And he likes her. I texted her earlier today to see if she wants to do lunch later in the week (not to dig for information, but because we’ve been trying to get together for a few weeks now!) but she hasn’t replied yet. Busy? Sleeping? Working? Or maybe…she didn’t enjoy herself as much as he did and is avoiding talking to me because of it!  (See how crazy my head is.) Actually, I’m teasing…my guess is just busy. She’s a busy girl.

It’s weird how different “dating,” as an experience, is for him. Fun, too, to see this new thing develop between two people I like.  Stay tuned for more as it develops. ;-)

Work – My situation at work is much better on a personal level. The recent secrecy has been washed away and it sounds like we’re all back to the normal tight-knit unit we were. Unfortunately the secrecy was because they are laying off several employees in my organization, so that’s been kind of tough. But on a good note, our little group/department has remained intact, and my boss is back to her usual self.  I’m happy.  I like it when my boss is happy.

School – Is almost done! Next week is my final. But, in order to get a C in the class, I HAVE to get a C on the final. That puts a lot of pressure on me. And means a lot of math for this next week.

My Weekend – For fun Ad & I and W got together and did holiday HNT pics.  And it was lots of fun!  I’ll be sharing those here and on PoJ each week of December!

Running – My coworkers have talked me into doing the training schedule with them for the half-marathon that will be here in April. They are actually going to run it!  The training starts in mid-January, and actually I love the schedule itself. I am not committing to running the marathon, but I could use some structure in my running schedule. I am kind of looking forward to it, and towards doing something with them. It puts me in a slightly…dicey…situation, in that the more I talk to them, the more “friends” we get to be, the more likely I am to (either accidentally or purposely) out myself as a poly person to them, but…sigh…it’s coming. I know that.  I am just not good at being two people. And, in discussion with my friend Julian, I realized that, as a person that has less to lose in being “out” than most, I am beginning to feel that the best way I can advocate for healthy, alternative lifestyles is to simply live my life, openly, without shame, so that people will get used to it.  No, I’m not outing myself today, but…it’s coming.  I feel it. 

And that, my friends, is it.  For now.


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