Five Friday Follows 12/11

And now, for your reading enjoyment/edification, I present the following five new (to my blogroll) and notable blogs:

Poly Weekly: I may have mentioned this site before, specifically when my daughter and I listened to an episode together, which spurred some good conversation. I prefer to get most of my blog-following by reading, but this is one weekly podcast that I’ll sit and listen to (usually while crocheting.) Covers “responsible non-monogamy from a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view.” An example of a topic they cover (this week’s topic):

Dealing with metamours in a changing relationship
Listener calls in to ask for advice with a situation in which she begins dating Sean when he and Jill were broken up. When Sean and Jill reconcile, Jill doesn’t wish to have a child while unmarried, so they marry with caller’s blessing, who hopes Jill will then be happy and secure. However, Jill continues to be even more hostile towards the caller. What to do?

Hosts bring up the issues of assumptions: what does marriage mean to you? Where do you see each person’s place in the new relationship?”

They can also be followed on Twitter at

Living in Outlaw Territory: Thoughts on life, love, relationship. An intelligent, thoughtful read.

Sexie Sadie: Confessions from an Open Marriage: The incomparable Sadie. She’s on my PoJ blogroll, of course, and was one of the first blogs I started reading “way back when.” As open, honest, raw and heartfelt as a blog can be, she chronicles her life and loves in her blog, and also over at  One of the best. Truly.

LiveJournal Polyamory Community: This is actually not a blog, but an interactive LiveJournal community, and you have to be a LiveJournal user and member of the community to post there, but seriously, for the sheer volume of information to be found there, and for the (for the most part) intelligent discourse, I highly recommend reading it, if not participating in the discussions.

Hubman’s Hangout:  While not a poly-focused site, Hubman’s blog deals with the swinging lifestyle with the clear-headedness and careful consideration that I sometimes think poly folk should emulate more. He can also be found on Twitter at

So there ya go–a Five Friday Follows actually on Friday!  Go forth, read and be amused, educated, amazed and drawn into these five wonderful blogs/sites.


3 Responses to Five Friday Follows 12/11

  1. hubman38 says:

    So here I am browsing down the list when not only do I see my name, but some very nice words about me and my blog. Thank you!!!

  2. […] she posts a list of blogs she likes to read and wants others to know about.  I was reading her list on Friday and came across this down at the bottom of the post: Hubman’s Hangout:  While not a poly-focused […]

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