So far, I have accomplished the following on my list:

  • Uploaded a new set of pics to my FetLife profile
  • Finished article on sounds and catheters for Eden Cafe (waiting for it to be proofed)
  • Ordered a new gemstone captive bead hood ring
  • Finished the invitation to our After Math party in January (waiting for it to be proofed/version to be chosen before sending it out)

I’d like to finish a post on a nasty fantasy I have over on PoJ and place an order on Eden Fantasys for something to hopefully facilitate making that fantasy come true, but the GirlChild is sitting here in bed with me, reading.  And looking up every so often at my computer screen, so perusing gigantic cock-like dildos online is not really an option.

Speaking of EF, I received the order I placed recently with them–adorable red bow thong panties, a slinky new slut dress and a little pink-bowed babydoll number that I can’t wait to wear! I am not sure what the dress code is for the party at a SuperSlave’s next weekend, but I am hoping to wear one of them there. Probably the babydoll.

I’m kind of excited about this party! I don’t believe I have been to a kink party at her house before, and Adam and I haven’t really gone to a private party in this “role” before (just he and I.)  And he says he will play with me there! So woohoo! Plus there are scene people that I have seen at local events, but haven’t interacted with yet in this kind of atmosphere, that are going to be there (as well as well-known friends, SS, P, Mj and others.)  So it should be interesting, to say the least.

So, I guess I need to get working on other things in my list, or, huh, maybe math???

Yeah, that. And that SUCKS. But it’s almost over. It really, truly is now.


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