This morning I have already managed to:

  1. Masturbate (if you want to know what dirty fantasy I was thinking about, check out my latest post on PoJ)
  2. Find a new website for shoe sluts & create a profile: FetishSole.
  3. Upload a new profile pic on my FetLife profile.
  4. Set up a new game of Lexulous with The Mean Guy. (I am ADDICTED to that game. But then for any of you that know me in real life, you know what a Scrabble fanatic I am. If you ever want to play, catch me on Twitter and I’ll set it up!)
  5. Thought about starting my next four hours of math studying before I have to meet my study-buddy at the library.  (But only thought about.)
  6. Finished a really long post about gigantic dildos named after real people, which caused me to stop and masturbate again (see the above.)

Did I mention that my study buddy knows my ex and my ex’s wife? One of those weird “small world” things again.  She attends my math class (of course) and we were talking about getting together to study one night. She mentioned working at a local hospital, in the same department my ex’s wife used to work. Now, I have heard stories about what a bitch the ex’s wife is at work. From her–she’s told me stories about what a hardass she is, and I have often thought, damn, I’m glad I don’t have to work with her! So when my SB said that, I half jokingly said, “Oh, then you must know my ex’s wife!” And when I said her name she said, “Yes!  OMG, you’re L’s ex-wife?? I’ve been over to a couple house parties they’ve had there!  I think I may even have met your daughter!” Then, very cautiously, “He’s a great cook, they really know how to do the whole food & wine thing…she’s…um…a nice enough person…” Either she was being cautious b/c of the reputation ex’s and new wives have for hating each other, or the Ex’sW wasn’t exaggerating re: her meanness-at-work quotient.  Either way, it was an odd moment.

So, yeah, math is…going. It’s not as hard as I had feared, actually. The instructor really wants us to pass–all of the questions on the final are ones from our previous exams, homework or quizzes. So…I at least recognize the problems (usually) and if I got it right the first time, at least I know if, when I rework it, I have the right answer. Plus, my study buddy, up there?  Did I mention that she has gotten nearly 100% on EVERY test? I do know how to pick them. She’s already done all 187 problems and is going to give me the answer sheet so that I can check my answers against hers for those that I didn’t get correct the first time.  I think I may have a math crush.  What a sweetheart!

Okay, well, I am off to the library soon to do math and meet my SB later. But what I really want to be doing? Going over to W’s.  I am craving some intense play.  I wonder if I can convince myself that math=torture enough to get off on it.  Whatcha think?


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