HNT – Ornament

This week, Osbasso’s HNT theme is “Christmas Tree.” Pretty simple, really: do a half-nekkid pic with your Christmas tree!

Except I don’t have a tree.

I thought about being a tree–but even for me the thought of all those hooks through my skin was too much (maybe next year.)

I thought about posing half-nekkid outside by the neighbor’s tree they have decorated in their yard–but didn’t want to freeze off any important bits that I might want to use later.

I even thought about posing in all my half-nekkidness next to a department store tree–but didn’t want to get arrested.

So instead I decided the heck with the tree–I’ll be an ornament!  And that’s what W and Ad did, they made me into an ornament.

Anyone got a tree to hang me from?

Check out everyone else’s take on the Christmas Tree theme over at Osbasso’s!


7 Responses to HNT – Ornament

  1. thepinkpoppet says:

    So cool..a lovely ornament you are!

  2. Michelle says:

    That is one of the coolest pictures I’ve seen today!!! I love it!

  3. Emmy says:

    You are a gorgeous ornament wrapped up like that! Beautiful picture!

  4. hubman38 says:

    I love it, very creative!

    Happy HNT!

  5. That’s amazing! Color me wicked impressed. :)


  6. Very clever and crafty – and sexy too! The third image is one of my favourites this week, so will be in my Sunday roundup :)

    xx Dee

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