Happy Monday

After a weekend with no internet, I came in to work today to find two wonderful emails.

One was a note from my math instructor that I got a 76.4% on my final, which means I passed the damned Algebra class with a “C”. Yes, I would have liked to do better, but am I complaining? Not even! I have finally, after, um…sheesh, I hate to admit it, but it’s been 20 years since I first enrolled in–and dropped out of–this class the first time.  Way back in my first attempt at being a college student.  But now, I have finally done it!  Which means (hopefully) that I will be graduating (finally) with my Associate of Arts (2 year degree.) What that ultimately means is that I can now transfer into to the four year university as a junior, with all of these credits counting towards my ultimate 4-year degree. I know, lame for a 44 year-old woman, but hey, it’s never too late for self-improvement.  Now I just need to hear back from the assessment office at the community college to make sure that all my credits transferred correctly…

The second very cool thing was that I actually won a new sex toy in a contest from Eden Cafe! It’s called Bliss, and as pretty as it is, it kinda makes me Blissful just looking at it. Any of you that know of my love affair with Baldy, my Hitachi, may think it a bit odd that I would even enter a contest for another vibrator, but this one is a) waterproof, and b) bumpy! Well, and pink. So I am thinking it might be a fun addition to my slowly-growing toy collection.

So Happy Monday to me!

This weekend was loads of fun.  Friday night Ad and I went over and hung out in the hottub with Ms. P (she of the couple that our sort-of girlfriend (maybe I should just call her our “friend”?) is now dating.  She (the sort-of gf, J) was spending the weekend with the boy-half of that couple, so P was free Friday night. We got to sit in the hot tub sipping Drambui and watching the snow fall.  So decadent!  Poor Ad, having to tolerate two hot naked chicks in a hottub with him!  hehe

At the play party Saturday night I got to get my flirt on, see old friends and make–and make out with, in one case–new ones. Mmmm I had forgotten how utterly yummy it is to make out with a woman that digs women as much as I do.  Warm, soft hands and mouth, warm, willing body, softness and heat and yummy smelling and…just yumm. I have so soooooo missed that!  I don’t really know much about her (it was the first time I’d ever met her~yeah yeah, I was being a slutty girl~) and frankly, although I liked her Dom in person, his FL profile is a little heavy on “protocol” and what-not, which of course, being into it just for play, I’m not, but, we’ll see. She may be a fun diversion occasionally, or may end up being a good friend. I’m just letting things progress as they will right now.  I’m trying to decide if I should extend an invite to them for the January party…not knowing them well would be introducing an unknown element into things (although they seemed to get on with the bazillions of people at the party) but I’ll admit that the possibility of having a sexy girl there to maybe make out with is not a bad one. (smirk)

I also got to meet and interact with so many people in the scene that I didn’t know.  Sometimes I feel very insular. I get so much of what I need just from my interactions with W and Ad, our occasional outings to local events and getting together every so often with our (smallish) group, that I forget there all these other kinky folks out there that I have yet to meet and get to know.  Course many of them I don’t want to know, but that’s another story. ;-)

Ad and I had fun shopping on Sunday and then we went by our local piercer’s and I got a tiger’s eye captive bead for my hood ring and got it reinstalled. We haven’t had a chance to “use” it yet, but it’s so so pretty.  And…I talked to the piercer about doing the labia piercings. I am not sold 100% on it yet (I know this will sound strange coming from me, but I am afraid of the pain.) But….I’m edging my way closer.  My goal would be to get it done as a surprise for W for when he gets back, but…I don’t know if I’ll have worked up the courage in time! We’ll see.  I may get just the two done to start, and see how that goes.  (I am glad I can gush about this here now, while W is away and has no access to my blog!)

But boy do I miss him.  Even on an otherwise Happy Monday.


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