Las Vegas, Here I Come

So yeah, I’m heading out to Las Vegas in February! It’s for a work training session from Mon-Thur, but I have to arrive Sunday and since I’d typically be flying home on Friday anyway, I decided to stay clear thru the weekend.  And…and…W’s going with me!!!  I am so excited to be going on a real trip with him.

Here’s the funny part though: he doesn’t know it yet, but this isn’t going to be his typical kind of trip, I don’t think. Yes, I’ll be in Vegas, but I don’t gamble and I can’t afford to go to any shows…what I immediately started to look for was a cool park to hike in, and places/things I haven’t seen before.

I found Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam (of course), and Mt. Charleston, where there might be SNOW!!!!!  Real, honest-to-goodness snow!  Oh my god I am so excited I could just DIE.

And wait, there’s more!  There’s roller coasters on the freaking buildings!!!

So…umm, yeah…W may be in for a different trip than he had in his head.  hehe


3 Responses to Las Vegas, Here I Come

  1. Michelle says:

    That sounds fun! I’m still jealous!

  2. hubman38 says:

    When Veronica and I were in Vegas in October we took a day trip out to Red Rock Canyon- I recommend it highly! And I’ve heard that Valley of Fire State Park is even better, though I haven’t been there.

    I wish I could find a reason to get my employer to send me to Vegas for “training”!

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