New Traditions

So I wrote this kinda long, ranty post a while ago, talking about how after dinner last night my stepdad (inadvertently), once again, let me know where I stand on the totem pole of their love (well below my sister), but after writing it, I thought about all the things I have to be happy about, and grateful for, and realized that really, nothing they say or do has any bearing on my life anyway. So I let it lie.  I didn’t delete the post, because I needed to write it out, obviously, but kept it private, and went and hugged my daughter, poked my son on the arm, and kissed Ad, and told them all how much I love and appreciate them.

I have actually had a wonderful couple days. Shopping with Ad, making (a spectacular, if I do say so myself) dinner for my parents last night, visiting with my parents, being with the kids and watching them open gifts. I am so happy that my kids, though they love presents, have never been terribly materialistic–my daughter’s favorite gift is the scarf I made her and my son’s is a kind of ski hood. They don’t even ask for outrageous shit that they know I can’t afford, and seem genuinely pleased with small, thoughtful gifts as opposed to computers, game systems and iPods. Though I am sure they’d like those just as well. ;-)

My favorite gift was a new Scrabble Player’s Dictionary, and we got to use it this morning, after the kids left, sipping hot cocoa and playing Scrabble while it snowed outside.  Then Ad took me in the bedroom to take pics of my new jewelry to surprise W with tomorrow when he gets home, and we had scrumptious sex that knocked us both out til this afternoon, curled in the blankets and around each other. A perfect way to spend the day.

So all in all, a lovely holiday, and yet more fun to be had.  I am staying with W from Sun-Thurs this week, and hope that he is happy enough with the new jewelry not to mind that he can’t “use” that area quite as…vigorously…as he might be inclined to otherwise.  He and I and Ad have a NYE party over at our friend Mj’s house to attend, then I’ll be home to recuperate until W’s needle friend comes in to town on Wednesday or Thursday, and I’ll be back there, subjected to whatever evil the two of them concoct, for two days and nights.  Then, the following weekend, it’s my AfterMath party, and though I haven’t heard from everyone saying they’ll be there, I am hoping to have a good turnout! If all goes perfectly in my world, and the stars align, it’ll turn in to more of a weekend thing, with my friend from this post and his wife coming down on the Friday night before the party on Saturday.  A little mini-party with just us and them to start things off right, yay!  So my January is already jam-packed full, and February is starting off right, with my trip to Vegas the week of the 7th. 2010 looks to be starting off with a bang, and 2009 couldn’t have been better.

So yeah, I have nothing to complain about, even if I am the “consolation” daughter. I have decided to start a new tradition with Ad at Christmastime tho…next year we are going on vacation over Christmas. I’ve already started planning…somewhere where it really snows.  A cabin in the mountains somewhere maybe. Snow and a wood fire and a big bathtub and maybe I’ll even bring the kids (GirlChild has already made her desire to come known.) But if no kids, maybe I can convince W to come away with us instead of going off with his own family. It’s time to start a new tradition for the holidays.


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