“Make it a good one.”

Catching up on blogs this evening, I ran across the above sentiment shared by a reader of Sexie Sadie’s.  Instead of “Have a good one,” her mother always says, “Make it a good one.” I love that sentiment. I live that sentiment, or try to, and when I don’t I plan to remind myself of it.

Life is what we make of it.  Sometimes, life throws shit at us, oftentimes we have no control over the shit that happens to us, but how we respond to it, the kind of person we are in response to it, how we let it affect our lives and what we do and where we go with it, that is “what we make of it.”  We are responsible for our own joy.

I have a picture that I just put on my cell phone that makes me think of this every time I look at it. It’s a photo of the lavender-striped clematis I have growing on a trellis outside my bedroom window. I used to have this beautiful clematis vine at the house I lived in when I was married. It took five years for that thing to grow into its full glory, but it was spectacular, with deep purple blooms the size of small plates that covered our mailbox entirely, from one side to the other. The year that it finally came fully into its own, my husband and I divorced, and we sold the house. A short time later I drove by it, and they had torn out my clematis. It about broke my heart. I literally cried. But then I thought about all the joy I had had in growing it, nurturing it, in that one short summer when it was so beautiful, and I was grateful to at least have had that.

And when we moved here, I planted another one.

I admit to having a sometimes seemingly-charmed life. But in the interests of being honest, a lot of it is “what I make of it.” My resolution this year? To make the most of it.  To make the most of every minute, because this is all we get. Right here, right now.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Make it a good one.


One Response to “Make it a good one.”

  1. hubman38 says:

    We have a security guard at work who always says “Have a good one!” to which I reply “Thanks, I already do!” At least, that’s what my wife says ;-)

    I like “Make it a good one” much better!

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