Gah.  I am way over-tired. For a good reason, but still. Feeling raw and hypersensitive and a little weepy and uncertain and unstable and…

Ah hell.  I bet I am PMSing. I just need to Not. Ever. Write/Speak/Read when I am like this.  Nothing makes sense, everything seems big and scary and I over-react and hear things that aren’t there and get confused so easily.

Oh, and I shouldn’t go anywhere near fast food places either. I am not even going to confess to how bad it was. Just trust me on this one.

Lots of growth going on over here. Lots and lots of good, deep discussion and learning, pushing boundaries in myself and stretching relationships, making discoveries about each other and ourselves.  Lots of processing a rather eventful past few days and negotiating bumps and finding that we are even better on the other side of those bumps.

Wow. Head spinning time.  Good head spinning.

I’m in love.  With my life, with Adam, with W, with myself and my children and my world.

All is good.  Except the PMS and the over-tiredness and the misreading things…but what the hell.  Into every life a little rain must fall, right?  Bring on the rain, baby, and let’s go dance in it.


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