Back, with Banana Bread

Sitting up in bed with my laptop, my electric blankie on my lap on high, Ad snoozing next to me (gently snoring), making a new playlist for the party for tomorrow night. Rocking OUT to Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha”, oh yeah:

I’m feeling myself coming back, feeling myself turning on again, tuning in to that feeling of power, of sex and heat and desire…it’s been a little while, what with new rings and some deep, hard play and a bump here and there…but yeah, I’m coming back…

I’ve been in the kitchen twice in two days, making dinner for Ad, me and W last night and then baking banana bread for the party tonight (I know, baking bread for a kink party-ha, what a weird juxtaposition that is, eh?) but I have found it oddly enjoyable.  Odd, because as anyone that knows me knows, I don’t cook.

Not that I can’t though.  I let that slip at some point to W over the last couple weeks.  In fact I’m a pretty good cook. Living with a chef for fifteen years (who consistently told me I didn’t know anything about food) kind of dulls the pleasure in doing so, though.  And yeah, it is nice to just let someone else do the cooking!  But these last two times in the kitchen, last night with Ad and tonight with one of the children, was…enjoyable. Very.

Classes start Tuesday night.  Quite the saga, that. But, finally, on its last chapter. These two classes and one throw away PE class over the summer and I really am done-with this part of things.  Then it’s on to university, if I can find the dollars for that. We’ll see.  This has been quite an adventure, since I embarked on the math class all those months ago.

But then I’ve always been an adventurous girl, right?


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