Stupid Girl

Apparently I can’t shut up today.  My third post (or is it fourth, counting HNT?) in one day.

I just gotta say, W is smarter than he looks.

Wait, that didn’t come out right.

“W is one smart cookie.” Yeah, that’s what I meant.

So anyway, last night he mentioned that he has a gmail account. I just got an email address there myself so I could chat with a new sexy lady in my life, and I got a teensy bit excited. “Oh yay! That means we can chat!!” I enthused. He shut me right down on that.  Why? Because he said I’d get all upset that he wasn’t replying right away, or at all, and it would just be bad. I pouted. I claimed that would NOT be the case. I chat all day long, off-and-on, with various friends and lovers, and if they or I have to go, have to work, get distracted, whatever–no biggie, right?  Right.

Except when it is.

Like today.  My moodiness, from this morning? Was about someone I wanted to chat with that was too distracted to do so.  And I felt all rejected and pouted and got pissy.

So. Fucking. Infantile.  But obviously–W was right on with that one, wasn’t he?

Honestly, though, that’s usually not me. But…I guess I was excited about some plans that needed to be made, and I felt like…maybe those plans weren’t so high on that person’s priority list. Fuck it! I thought (and maybe said, in a conversation with Ad shortly thereafter.) I am such a stupid, self-centered girl.

Also (completely unrelated to this) I am also a girl that occasionally thinks with her dick. (sigh) That one’s gonna come bite me in the ass later–fer shur.

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