I usually roll with changes pretty easily, but I was sorely disappointed that I didn’t get done what I had planned last night.

No new piercings for Jade.

It was a matter of timing gone wrong. I told my piercer I’d be there around 6:30, we arrived after 7pm; she had no one there at 6:30, by 7pm she had three others ahead of me.  So…I wait til Sunday or Monday. It really threw me off my game last night though. Even wearing only heels, a hoodie and my house chain later at W’s didn’t lift my spirits. Even yummy sex and W’s dirty words in my ear (and sweet words, too: “pretty girl/dirty girl” going round and round) were barely enough to rouse me from my melancholy.

I’m not sure why it tweaked me so much. I’d been vacillating all along about doing it at all, putting myself through the misery of healing, changing the way it looks down there when I already really like what I have, wondering if 3 sets of rings will lay right or be uncomfortable when I run and walk and sit and fuck.  Well, the fucking part I know I will like–that is one of the big pluses of doing it, and one of the reasons why I am doing it. After they heal (and a little bit during the healing process) I really love the way they feels to press on them and pull on them.  So that’s a big deal. But it’s not like I would have gotten to “use” them anyway last night. I guess I had just worked myself into deciding I was going to do it.

I’m tired and blah today. Doing Vegas planning, hoping that will perk me up, and I did, in fact, just change our flight time to much later leaving out of Vegas on Saturday–gives us almost a whole day more to do stuff, if we so desire!  Now maybe I should start looking at actual drive-times from the place where we are staying to the things we want to do and back to the Vegas airport, see what we can actually manage for that new free time we have. (I wonder if W knows what he’s got himself into, traveling with me?  The planning & research is at least half the fun for me–I hope I don’t make him sick of me before we actually get there!)

I have class tonight, but am unenthusiastic about it. Even though the class did engender a lot of discussion between The Boys and I, I am a little disappointed that the “issue” for my “Solving World Issues Using Psychological Strategies” is climate change. I know, I know, I should be all gung-ho about it–and it certainly isn’t that I don’t believe it is a catastrophic and very real issue–but, I was hoping for something more…people-oriented. I don’t know. The teacher is excellent though, and I like her teaching style and methods, so maybe it will turn out all right.

Shit, I just realized, my blah-ness and down-ness may be due to drop from Saturday night. Now THAT makes sense. Duh.  Looks like a little “self-care” is in order. Hard to do when I will be working and schooling until 10pm though. (sigh)


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