The Wonderful Thing About Jades Is…

W has never seen “The Wonderful Things About Tiggers,” so I sent him a link to it this morning.  I feel like Tigger today: “bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce!”  It’s nice to be feeling my groove again. :-)

I have lots of decisions to make today!

Well, two:

1. Withdraw from my Tuesday night class and take a different one in the summer?

2. Go on a date tomorrow night?

Okay, maybe three:

3. Be honest or just go with the flow?

I know, that last is a bit cryptic.  I always say (and almost always live by) “honesty first.”  But…damn…it’s such a drag sometimes when what is honest is something you know that other person isn’t going to like. I hate hate hate to make others unhappy with me. But…if I am not honest, then I am choosing to place myself in a position that is likely to cause me discomfort and disappointment at the least, heartache at the worst.  And what have I been going on about all week? Making good relationship choices.

I know the right thing to do.  It’s just not the easy thing. I just wanna be like Tigger today, and bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce!


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