Two Guys, a Girl & a Piercer

Did it. I am a multiply-pierced Jade.  And a very sore one. Rermind me next I decide to get 4 steel rings installed in my pussy to do it during our winter break, okay?

But it’s done, dammit.

I took both of The Boys with me this time. Figured since it’s for W’s benefit too, he’d get to be a part of it. I don’t think he watched as avidly as Ad did though. Interesting the things that people enjoy…after the second one he was making idle chit-chat with the piercer.

“I really like watching how the needle slides through her skin and out the other side,” he said.

“Couldja maybe wait for the commentary on the needles until it’s over?” I asked, on my back, legs spread, waiting for two more holes to be punched in me. I was only partially kidding. While it wasn’t as painful as I was remembering it, I still didn’t want a ply-by-play while I was in the midst of it.

Later, C, the piercer says, “Okay, you really should treat these gently for a couple of days.” She cocks a look at W and then at Ad. “Which means you should go home with whichever one of these guys has the most restraint.”  We all pointed to Ad.  I loved it that she didn’t blink an eye at our relationship, and yanno, it is lovely to be open in a relatively “vanilla” place. Holding hands with them both, leaning against W as Ad rubbed my back, just being us.

I am pretty miserable today though.  Very, very sore, and just wanting a place to lay down, where I am not ON my rings.  I anticipate a salt bath, some dinner made by Ad, maybe a strong, sweet drink and my heated blankie tonight. I’m not even going to worry if I get anything else done, because seriously? The world can wait till my pussy doesn’t hurt anymore.  Right?

Home, James.


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