Can I stand and type?

I don’t know whether to do an “update” or a “topic” post.  The update would probably be along the lines of: “I am miserable at the moment, but it took me until 2:30 to get here, as opposed to the 10am time by which I was miserable yesterday.  So things are looking up.”  No, that’s not all I have to update on, but it’s the most I can manage at the moment, with this discomfort distracting me.

Oh for the “donut” Ad suggested I take to work to sit on.  Yes, it would be embarrassing, but I am willing to suffer that as opposed to this.

I do have “real” topics to write about, but I just can’t manage to think straight enough to write them out.  Still, a quick list:

  • a wonderful question brought up by Flavius Iulianus about relationship dynamics, what with my submission to W’s desires and Ad’s role as “primary” in my life;
  • musings about how I feel about kink being “accepted” or not by society, and how that affects (or not) how I feel about it, as opposed to how I feel about poly being accepted, after reading a very good post on the subject by one of my favorite kinky bloggers, Kami
  • thoughts on honesty in relationship, and where it has brought me in one particular relationship
  • thoughts on choosing partners

Gah.  The most I can do right now is this. Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to do more.


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