Back to the Grind

Oh my god, I am back to work and it is HELL. I don’tt often characterize my job that way, in fact I may be one of the few people in the world that actually loves her job, but today is just…well, I said it above.  HELL. Servers broken. Email broken. Coworkers, volunteers, donors, sponsors all freaking out. A week’s worth of “it’ll wait until next week after training” emails and updates to deal with.  And all I want to do is write a travel blog update of my trip, and talk about my cunt-ring near-debacle, and catch up on Twitter and blogs, and email interesting boys from OK Cupid and play Lexulous and write smut and upload naughty pics to Fetlife.

Sigh. Guess all that will have to wait.

Back to the hellhole now.


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