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It’s true–I’m back! All in one piece, with hardly a hair harmed on my head, though I managed to catch a cold, leave my Scrabble letters on a plane, start my period a week early, suffer through the last week of my rings healing and lose a ring (!) during the trip, as well as suffer through two days with one of those computer-geeky know-it-all types that wouldn’t shut up.  But at the end was a wonderful weekend of relaxation in the mountains above Las Vegas, with a little hiking in the snow, a bit of ropeplay, some exhibitionism on the deck of our beautiful cabin, and a lot of yummy W-time. Oh, and some rocking orgasms messing with the new rings thrown in for good measure.

Making coffee one morning before my meeting--is anything ever really vanilla with W?

When I saw this pic I thought it was so strange he'd taken a picture of me in--gasp--running shoes. Until I remembered that was the day I wore the ring bra to work.

My typical 5:30 am ritual--I had to work before and after my training seminars.

But finally, I was sprung from my work meetings, and it was on to better places!

First stop: Hoover Dam.

A girl's gotta look her best, even if she is going to be touring a power plant.

Yes, I'm a goon--I had to wear the "hard hat."

But so was W. He actually looks like he belongs, though.

The view from inside the dam, looking out a ventilation shaft. If you ever go, definitely do the dam tour--so worth it!

And then it was on to Mt. Charleston.  We arrived at night, and loved the cabin with its freestanding fireplace and jacuzzi tub, but had no idea what the scenery was  like outside until the next morning.

This is what we saw when we woke up.

The view out our cabin window.

PS--it was really high up. (And it's hard to balance on high heels in the snow, just FYI.)

And then--Scrabble! We actually bought a replacement game b/c I had lost my pieces on the plane.

This was the night I lost one of my rings. I swear I didn’t do anything to make it come out! In fact we found it later and realized the ring itself was defective.  I had a new one installed when I got back home. Let me just say–stretching that hole open again was excruciating.  In just three days it had closed up tight.  But I couldn’t be lopsided–three on one side, two on the other would have been just WRONG!  (And in answer to your question, Hubman: the piercings are 3 inner labia piercings on each side.)

This is what else we did that night. You'll have to guess why I am pressed into the deck railing in the snow. But still, we avoided the rings, promise!

I did still have to work at the cabin.  I had a paper due when I got back home.

Homework is so much more fun in lingerie.

Still, there was time for fun…

...of all kinds!

All in all it was a great trip. Next time, though, I’m going to remember to carry rope on our hikes.


7 Responses to Vegas Travel Blog

  1. Looks like a great trip! Those heels are sexy to match those long legs girlfriend ;-)

  2. Jessica says:

    All your pictures were so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    I love the way you study & do home work. I might have to have Kara start wearing lingerie. Though I guess the only problem there is I might not be able to focus on my own work if I keep staring at her. The scrabble pic was very sexy. If that’s what you wear when your playing board games I’ll be more than happy to play with you ;) Finally I really loved the snow pictures. Nothing shows your submission more than freezing your ass off outside wearing nothing but beautiful lingerie and heels :)
    Glad you enjoyed yourself ~Jessica~

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