Running, Rings & Blue Jeans

I am wearing jeans for the first time since I got my piercings.  And I ran for the first time this morning. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried both things on the same day, but, what the hell. I gotta start living normal again some day, right?

Running wasn’t so bad actually. Did three miles run/walking, and while I definitely noticed the rings, and experienced some mild discomfort, there was no pain. Which is damn good, considering I have committed to being on a relay team for the STL Marathon in April. Yeah, that line on my OK Cupid profile? The one that says, “Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew”? That should maybe be what I get printed on my t-shirt. Or tattooed on my ass. (I can hear W chuckling right now and see him nodding his head.) But oh well, I did it, and I am not wussing out now. That’s one of the things about the piercings–I want them to enhance my life, not diminish it.  And if they interfere with my running, then they are diminishing it. So. Barring actual pain, I am bulling my way through this.  I am sure me having to “adjust” them every so often while I am running on the treadmill will be a source of amusement to the other gym-goers, too, so who am I to deny them their pleasure?

As for the jeans, well, they may be more problematic. They aren’t tight, but the seam certainly cuts right up into that area. I have made no commitments to wear jeans, so even if my coworkers think it’s strange when I don’t on Thursday and Fridays, oh well, who cares?  I may have to be a jean-less girl for a little while longer.

And with that, I’ll just leave you with a little of my favorite blue-jeans-wearing man:

I couldn’t find a good YouTube video, so it’s not embedded here (can’t figure out how to do it otherwise, un-techy girl that I am.)  But he’s fun to watch (love a man with a guitar) and well, the song just fits, doesn’t it?


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