A Droopy Tigger

Today I should be known as “Droopy,” not “Tigger.”  (Droopy is one of the seven stooges right–er, dwarves. Seven Dwarves. Dwarfs?) Gah.  See what I mean? Lack of sleep is not good for us Tiggers. It makes our tails droop and our brains fuzzy.

I hurt my back over the weekend somehow (maybe this picture of me rolling around on floor, giggling helplessly, after drinking a tad too much, is a clue to what may have happened?)

No pictures of the drunk girl!

So anyway, due to said pain, I spent yesterday working from home, but the pain finally drove me to go to the doctor. Got anti-inflammatories & pain meds, but instead of knocking me out, the pain meds kept me up all night. (I always gotta be difficult, don’t I?) And then having to get up to take the BoyChild into school by 6:30 AM this morning meant that I got about four hours sleep. However being up on the computer late at night meant I got to chat with Flaviusiulianus, though, which was an unexpected bonus, as we haven’t had much chance to connect lately. So yay! for being Sleepless in St. Louis (hey, that’s a catchy title–someone should name a movie that.) :-P (Yeah I get punch drunk when I’m sleep-deprived.) (And use lots of parenthesis!)


I’ve noticed a recent upsurge in my traffic here on APL, which makes me happy. I have a pretty good following on PoJ, which also makes me glad (I love it that people like to have sex with–er, read about sex with–me) but in some ways, this space is much more personal, much more about me, who I am as a human being, and about life in general. It’s a place where I can hang out, chat with ya’ll, vent, talk about life, share a little.  So knowing that there are folks out there that are maybe enjoying reading this stuff is gratifying.

Coincidentally, as I was pondering that, I ran across a couple posts on new-to-me blogs that were discussing the topic: Velveteen Mind and BlogHer. Stat watching (and obsessing over one’s stats) is an interesting phenomena. I confess to having been bitten by blog-envy a time or two, and I certainly want my words to be read–if I didn’t I would still keep a paper journal, like I used to before I discovered online journalling, way-back-when.  But it certainly isn’t the only reason  I write, nor even the most important.

And last but not least, W and I have been playing this new game lately (that I will no doubt expound upon in PoJ at some point soon) that has been keeping me busy!  Busy- tired-worker-bee-Jade, that’s me.  I think I deserve a reward.  Of my choosing (casting a gimlet eye over at W.)

I do have lots of things to do, too, but not a lot of energy to do any of it. We’ll see what–if anything–I can get done before I fall asleep at my desk.


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