Red and more red

Walking thru the mall yesterday with Ad, shopping for red shoes, I see a woman with a shirt that says, “Got Rings?”  and I grab Ad’s arm and point–“Look!” I say, “She wants to know if I have rings!”

“Yes,” I say out loud as we pass, “I do!” The woman looks at me like I am crazy as she walks by.  Apparently the shirt is an advertisement for basketball or something, not an honest inquiry about my cunt rings.

Speaking of which, they are healing, but slowly.  I guess it’s not THAT slow, I mean the top ones are feeling great now, but it’s been almost 10 weeks since I had them done, and it’s only been about 4 weeks for the new ones, which have to take a heck of a lot more punishment, due to their location, than the others.  Still…I want to feel like myself again down there, not always having to adjust and take care and *think* before I move. ~sigh~ Although there are definite things I like about them, I am still not wholly in love with them. We’ll see.

And speaking of red shoes!! It took me all afternoon, but I finally found a pair! Cherry-red peep-toe stilettos by Jessica Simpson.  This picture really doesn’t do them justice. I love love love them!

Perfection–I hope.  I say “I hope” because they didn’t have my size, so I have to wait for them to be delivered. That’s how much I love them: I’ll even wait for them! (I can imagine W’s jaw dropping open in shock.)

But then of course when I got home and started looking for a picture of my shoes to use here I found another red pair I love.  I actually tried these on in a distressed red leather that I looked great with jeans (and would probably wear all the time with them) but didn’t exactly fit the image in my head for “slutwear” that I was looking for (and got) with the other pair.  Then I saw them online in the patent red–damn! I would have bought them then and there if they’d have been in the red patent. Slutwear and every day jeans-wear!  (Be still my heart.) Though now since I have the others for slutwear, I may get the distressed leather ones to wear with my jeans. (Hmm…thinking about the “hanging on the wall” pics that W took that time and how hot they’d look in a pic like that.  I don’t think I’ve posted any of them on Pieces of Jade, may have to do that, just so ya’ll would know what I’m talking about.)  Regardless, the last pair I bought online weren’t exactly right and I have to return them.  So I think maybe in this case it was better to buy in person anyway.

Then of course there’s a totally different look that I’ve been eyeballing….wouldn’t wear these in black, but in red…sassy and definitely a “don’t fuck with me,” look, or maybe a “fuck with me if you’re man enough to handle me!” kinda look.
Course I was also wanting something that I could actually wear, you know, like to walk in. ~snort~

We’ll see. I like these others so well that if I actually finish the story I am working on (for a MARCH 1 deadline!) I may reward myself by ordering them.  Heh.

Hey wait, since I buy all my shoes for W, it should be him rewarding me…or at least him doing something to earn them, doncha think??  ~giggle~  I guess my reward will be that maybe he will do something mean to me in them and take pictures. Ya think he might? ;-)


2 Responses to Red and more red

  1. Kara says:

    All of those heels are sooooooooo HOT!! I personally love the 2nd pair you listed. Nothings sexier than a red peep toe :) VERY HOT!! Thanks for sharing.
    Kara XOXO

    PS Remember for us girls it’s not about all about how good they look on us ;)

  2. Truly says:

    I have SUCH a weakness for red shoes. I just got a pair of bright red patent-leather ankle-strap heels, and I’m in love with them. Also, red lingerie, but that’s another topic! Glad the rings are healing; hope they feel better soon :)

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