I have a huge project I have to get started on at work and…I’m not.  I’m afraid to start. It’s something totally new to me and absolutely no one else in my organization knows anything about how to do it except me and I am just feeling…anxious, out of my element, worried about failing.

Maybe that’s why I keep losing my keys.

I misplaced them three times this morning alone. I locked them in my trunk a week ago. I locked them in my car last night. I am obviously discombobulated in some way, and I don’t know how to un-discombobulate myself. (Would that be “combobulate” myself?)

I have a hotel date this weekend. I keep calling it that because I am meeting a new guy from OK Cupid at the bar in his hotel. He is in town for a conference and emailed me, responding to my answer to the OKC question at the end of my profile, “You should message me if…’you think life is too short for what if’s ‘” with, “What if I said I was going to be in your city the weekend of March 13th? Would you “Say Maybe” (my screenname) to meeting me for a drink?”  He was so damn clever I had to respond back to him immediately…and…here I am, meeting him for drinks Saturday night. And whatever else. Because it is a hotel date, after all.

Can you say, “nerves”?

I started out with zero red shoes at the beginning of the week. Now I have THREE pairs. W and I went to the mall the other day (another first for us–shopping at the mall together!) and I decided to try out (and break-in) my new Jessica Simpson red hottie shoes. To see if I was going to be able to wear them on my hotel date.

Good in theory, painful in execution. “I need to buy a pair of flats,” I said about halfway thru the shopping  expedition. Somehow (giving W the gimlet eye again) I ended up buying another pair of hot red stilettos, instead! (How’d that happen??)  Were they easier to walk in that the first pair? No, but they hurt in a different place, so the rest of the mall-excursion was successfully concluded. Which included me getting a new dress for the date. I like it because it is deceptively simple, and seemingly not a “slut” dress…t-shirt material and t-shirt-styled top makes it look almost too-casual…until you stand up. Bare legs, that body-hugging skirt and red, red high heels make it, well, something close to slutwear. Close enough to (hopefully) turn my Hotel Guy’s head. And other things. Because that’s what this about, after all.

I think I need red beads to accent it and the shoes.  And damn–I haven’t even thought about underwear! Maybe my red bra and panties??  And huh, red lipstick…

Sounds like Jade’s gotta go shopping again. lol


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