Tired, sore & blissful

I have had a wonderful week or so. I think I really do need play to keep me satisfied, to keep me balanced.

In the past week or so I was hung up in a web at a fetish club and got my picture in our local rag doing it; was “Plugged”  by W; got “crucified” in my first “real” photo shoot with a local photographer; got caned numerous times, including right before my presentation at class; went to a play party with the guys where I showed off my new labia jewelry with wind chimes the guys had hung from them, and then had an amazing scene with them in which they flogged, caned and whipped me in the front of the room; and woke up this morning to play a very special game of Scrabble, in which I got as many whacks from each of the guys as points that I scored each turn with whatever “found” items they wanted to use. A shoe, a telephone book, chains and a turkey baster were just some of those items.

Oh yeah, I am one sore Jade this afternoon. And blissfully happy.

I’ve also been in a writing like a madwoman, blogs, fiction, emails.  I’ve got several projects in the works:

  • EC post on open vs cheating
  • Short story for submission to a bondage anthology
  • Pictorial post on this morning’s Scrabble game for PoJ
  • Possible Fetlife post on last night’s play
  • PoJ post on voyeurism/exhibitionism/ “being seen”

I also have a weekend away with the guys planned the week after next–so very excited!!

And got an “excellent” on my class presentation, as well as a “This is the best paper in this class.  Intelligent, thoughtful answers and excellent writing!” on a paper I turned in.

And last but not least, Ad and I have a cooking class at one of my favorite restaurants on Thursday night–learning to cook a Mexican feast, with chicken mole as the entree. Yumm!

Oh, and right now?  Ad is upstairs cooking pasta for dinner. Life is good.

Chimes make beautiful music...and look kinda cool too.


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