This is why I love my daughter

Well, not the only reason why, but one of the many: she is fearless.

She had to write a “compare and contrast” paper at school. She chose to contrast “Polyamorous and Monogamous Relationships.” And wrote an amazingly balanced, well thought out, intelligent paper. And then–she had to present it to her class.

We talked about it before she wrote the paper. “It could be a little bit controversial, honey,” I cautioned. She shrugged. “I can handle a little controversy.  People need to know there are alternatives, Mom. The more people know, the better choices they can make, right?”

I’m most proud that she didn’t come down in favor of one way or the other. She was evenhanded and logical, she presented pros and cons, and she sprinkled it with a liberal dose of common sense. “Do what’s right for you and your relationship,” she said. “Not what society or anyone else says is right.”

And then, with my permission, she outed me to her entire class, using me and her father to contrast both relationship models.

I’m damn proud of that girl.


One Response to This is why I love my daughter

  1. Nzlg says:

    That is amazing! :)

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