Ten minute power naps in the park FTW.

There is no good reason I should be sleepy today, but there I was, driving back from an errand at lunch and I felt myself nodding off at the wheel. So I pull over under a tree, crack the windows and lay my head back–and boom, I am asleep and dreaming, hard, within seconds. Sleep like the dead for exactly ten minutes and pop awake, just like that. Put the car back into drive and head back to work.

I have a full schedule this week. Tonight with W. Tomorrow night class, then at W’s again. Thursday night date night (couples cooking class at a favorite restaurant) with Ad.  Possible get-together with kinky friends Friday night. Possibly going to a munch Saturday night with the guys.  And I am working on something special for next week. Gotta keep W happy.

Next weekend is our weekend away, too–I’m (as usual) way more excited than I should be. I just love love love to get away, anywhere, anytime. With one guy-woohoo!  With them both? I’m too excited for words.  Seriously.

In other news my allergies have come on strong. Can’t have nice weather without sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a snotty nose, now can we? Grrr.


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